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We create the blueprint that brings you peace of mind.

Value Building

The value of your business reflects its viability and efficiency. Every business owner wants to build business value, whether to simply increase cash flow and profits, or to prepare for the sale of the business and/or retirement.

Value Drivers are the elements by which you can reach your business value goals. A well-conceived value-building plan is essential to the smooth progression toward your eventual exit. 

Examples of businesses that will benefit from this work include:

  • Owners 10+ years from desired retirement.
  • Owners focused on working in the business that need support looking outside for increased revenue opportunities.
  • Owners looking to use business sale proceeds to increase the value of their retirement.
  • Owners who want to be prepared to sell when the time is right.
  • Owners who want to evaluate their talent and create retention strategies to secure them long term.

Working with Odyssey to create a value-building plan, aligns essential elements of your business to drive growth.  Together, we’ll plan and document your growth strategy, identifying strong value drivers that will provide reliable financial growth for your business.

Business Continuity Planning

Have you thought about how your business would fare if you were suddenly unavailable to manage it due to illness or death? Business Continuity Planning looks at the “what ifs” that would occur if you are no longer part of the business, whether temporarily or permanently. These “what ifs” encompass a variety of financial and operational processes. Business Continuity starts with fundamental task assignments, and includes more future looking questions such as:

  • Who will open the doors in the morning?
  • Who informs employees, vendors, customers, and lenders of your absence?
  • Do some of these groups or valued customers need special treatment?
  • If employees are expected to step up and take on additional responsibilities, will they receive contingent compensation and how would that be structured or funded?
  • How could your business continue to build value?
  • Are there limits on employee decision making authority?
  • Who will make capital investment decisions, and what rules should be put in place?

Your exit from the business, whether planned or not, involves decisions about credit, family income, real estate, key employee retention, buy-sell agreements, licenses, cyber-security, and long-term transition of the business. Creating a guide to cover all of these “what ifs” is important work that creates peace of mind for you, your family, and for key employees.

Exit Planning

How do you extricate yourself from the demands and responsibilities of your business without losing the value of what you’ve built? Exit Planning is a proven method, allowing you to exit from your business on your terms. Some important steps in the plan are:

  • Setting exit objectives, such as: timing of your exit, monetary compensation, and the designated sell or transfer recipient.
  • Creating an Advisor Team of trusted, professional advisors (CPA, attorney, financial advisor, etc.)
  • Creating a written plan for the transition sequence.
  • Positioning your business for transfer, even in a poor market.
  • Sheltering you from risks involved in a business sale or transfer.  
  • Ensuring all aspects of the exit are addressed before losing control. 
  • Addressing any concerns you have about family legacy issues. 

The Exit Planning Advisor is your Exit Planning Chief of Staff. With your input, this advisor gathers information, assembles the Advisor Team, and offers a set of Exit Planning Recommendations. The Exit Planning Advisor oversees how your Exit Plan is built, much like a general contractor would coordinate the construction of an office building.

The Exit Plan gives you peace of mind, because you’ll know that virtually every issue regarding your exit has been examined and addressed by your Advisor Team.

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