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Professional Advisors

Odyssey can act as an extension of your team.


Professional Advisors

Provide additional benefit to your business owner clients by creating and implementing a business or exit plan, building greater business value, a more secure retirement, and peace of mind. 

Professional Advisors

Increase business in your core lines. 

Professional Advisors

Partner with us to leverage our focus group workshops and executive briefings on building business value to separate yourself from your peers and increase your value proposition.


Guiding business owners to increase their business value and develop continuity and transition plans requires significant time.  Owners are pulled in many different directions and working “in” the business often takes precedence over working “on” the business.

Working together, we become an extension of your team, providing the experience and time to work with the business owner.  You benefit by providing additional value to the owner and adding revenue in your core lines. Good plans that build and protect businesses, and business owners, often require insurance, asset management, and accounting and legal advice. 

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing how our partnership can increase your client base, add value to your existing business owner relationships, and secure future revenue opportunities for you.

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