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What role does your business Play in your financial freedom?

Have you accurately assessed the value of your business?

How will your involvement in your business change over time?

Who will lead your
Business when you retire?

Planning for peace of mind

Build business value.  Protect what you’ve built.  Prepare for your next journey.


Driving value identifies key elements that will help reach your business value goals, increasing cash flow and preparing for the eventual sale of your business. Learn more.


Business Continuity planning answers the ‘what ifs’. How to handle a variety of financial and operational processes if you are absent, whether planned or unexpected. Learn more.


Exit Planning is the holistic approach to designing a business-exit strategy that provides you maximum value for your life’s work. Learn more.


Business Valuation

Want a starting point?  A valuation is how an outside party would view fair market value for your business.  This valuation is based on your specific industry, updated with current multiples of revenue.  Not just a value today, we can project future value to see what effect your strategy will have.

Personal Assessments

Written instructions from you to your team and family to communicate your intentions and share your day to day knowledge about the business.  The continuity analysis often finds blind spots and becomes the foundation of a planned or unplanned exit from the business.

A transition plan creates the structure to minimize taxation, create maximum value for you, and make sure everyone understands the outcome.  Issues like how an insider can overcome the hurdle of finding capital to purchase the business or how you can maximize your sale price and minimize the tax loss.

Identify where can you create the maximum increase in business value.  Are the right people in the right seats? Are there written processes for your business operations?  This assessment looks at practical strategies to increase value and what measures can be used to track the progress.

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